E-commerce Universe

E-commerce is a game changer for businesses and buyers alike, and QisstPay is the tool you need to level up in this game.

To help our merchants, our users, and everyone else thrive in a rapidly digitalizing world where online shopping is the way forward, we  have created E-commerce Universe  – a space that encompasses everything about e-commerce

Welcome to E-commerce Universe
Your guide to travel through the innovative cosmos of e-commerce.

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What our merchants are saying.

Companies – no matter what size, shape or form they come in – use Klarna to boost their business. Find out what we’ve done for them. And what we can do for you


How a newly established, local online clothing store in Pakistan captured a major chunk of the market with QisstPay lending a marketing hand to the merchant.
Read the full case studyRead the full case study


The journey of an online phone shopping platform in Pakistan that saw a significant increase in their sales with QisstPay’s 1-Click Checkout and Buy Now, Pay Later service.
Read the full case studyRead the full case study


The success story of an aspiring online shoe store in Pakistan – how QisstPay’s 1-Click Checkout helped its promising footwear collection catch the right target audience.
Read the full case studyRead the full case study

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