Uplift is one of the fastest growing BNPL and financing options!  Supporting some of the largest airlines in the world, Uplift has now entered the retail market with a truly differentiated product.

Uplift is proud to partner with leading brands

How Uplift Works

Customer simply provide their information with no hard credit checks and then split their payments that best suits their needs; it's that simple!

How To Integrate

No Late Fees

No late fees or pre-payment penalties truly makes the experience enjoyable for all of those involved.

Monthly Payments

Simple monthly payments, all with transparency to your customer, while having no cost to you.

The Benefits of Uplift

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AOV Uplift (No Pun Intended)

Easy credit means easy purchasing. Create a seamless experience to create a better AOV, all with QisstPay & Uplift.


Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Your customers are valuable to you, and it's important to treat them like the best. Increase that LTV in 60 seconds!


Increase In Conversion

1-Click Checkout is just a small portion of what we do, but when you add Uplift, see those conversion numbers soar.

Get Uplift with QisstPay

0% cost to you, up to $25,000 limits, and a user journey that would make your competitors jealous, Uplift with QisstPay is the next step in your buying journey!

Lets see how they compare with the rest; now with QisstPay you can see this all with no code!

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Get QisstPay Embedded Commerce in minutes with our off-the-shelf integrations. Or, get the flexibility of a custom integration.

Plugins & Integrations.


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Custom Integrations

Integrate plugin to custom


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