With TripleA's secure crypto payment gateway, your business can quickly increase revenues by offering crypto payments with zero price volatility.

TripleA is proud to partner with leading brands

TripleA's payment solutions

TripleA enables you to accept cryptocurrency payments and pay out cryptocurrencies without bearing price volatility risks. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, TripleA allows all partners to operate at the highest global regulatory standards.

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Accept Crypto Payments

-Instant confirmation
-Compatible with all wallets
-Chargeback protection
-Locked-in exchange rate
-White-label solution
-Daily settlement in 50+ local currencies

Enable Crypto Payouts

-24/7 real-time payouts
-Low fees
- No FX volatility exposure
-API integeration and/ or dashboard

TripleA Benefits

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You hold zero volatility risk

With TripleA's conversion and locked in exchange rate, you tap into the benefits of crypto-payments without bearing the price volatility risk of crypto.

Your business is protected from fraud

With TripleA's chargeback protection and instant confirmation, you will always receive your payments. Your business is protected from fraudulent transactions.

Easy setup process for you, seamless payment process for your customers

TripleA's payment solutions are compatible with all cryptocurrency wallets, and includes Binance Pay as a mode of payment. Set this up easily with plugins or API integrations.


Payment Form

TripleA displays their white label crypto payment form at point of check out.


Crypto payment

Your customer pays by sending crypto to the address, or by scanning the QR code displayed. The exchange rate is locked in for 25 minutes.


Real-time conversion

TripleA converts your customer's crypto payment into your local currency in real-time. You do not hold any volatility risk.


T+1 Fiat Settlement

TripleA initiates a fiat settlement to you within the next business day.

Get TripleA with QisstPay

You can add TripleA as a payment option in your QisstPay checkout by connecting your TripleA account details in the merchant portal. No code, no developers, you can be live in minutes.

You’ll get in-depth analytics to see how TripleA is performing compared to other payment methods in your checkout.

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