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September 12, 2022
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Yes, the name may sound like a dream too good to be true, but our One-Click Checkout solution promises exactly what its handle suggests: your online purchase completed in just one click.

That is right – no more exhaustive tabs to fill at checkout with your name, complete address, forgotten passwords, and highly sensitive payment information, every time you shop online.

With this innovative solution, One-Click Checkout opens doors to progressive e-commerce practices for both our businesses and their consumers. Here’s how:

Lowers Cart Abandonment

Being met with a lengthy procedure to complete a purchase at checkout is often a nuisance for customers, causing them to abandon their carts during the process. With the option to check out via One-Click on your website, your customers can complete the process with their eyes shut, after registering only once. This efficiency significantly reduces abandonment of shopping carts by your customers and massively increases your sales.

Promises High Security

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) means that One-Click Checkout is a highly secure platform to share personal information with and make payments through. The PCI DSS stamp is not only assurance for your businesses to be safeguarded against cyber fraud, but also assures your customers that their sensitive information is going to be protected, encouraging them to shop from your online store confidently.

Provides A/B Testing

Once incorporated in your e-commerce platform, the One-Click feature runs automated analytics every time your customers check out via the platform and generates a thorough report over time on which payment and delivery options work the best for your business. This gives you in-depth consumer insights on what your customers prefer, allowing you to make alterations to your business practices accordingly and as a result, experience growth.

Extends Easy Integration

Having read all the pros of this panoramic payment feature, we are sure you are considering to incorporate it on your own e-commerce platform by now and the only thought stopping you is that of the backend hassle that comes along with the installation of an external widget on a website. Do not let this thought hold you back, because One-Click comes as a ready-to-run widget for your website, saving you the exhaustive coding process.

The fastest payment processing system and all of its perks for the lowest possible price in the market for businesses – One-Click Checkout by QisstPay. Revolutionizing online shopping.

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