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Financial Technology - Evolution in Pakistan

Shamim Yousfani
August 31, 2022


Top 5 Fintech Startups in Pakistan in the Last 5 Years

The financial sector across the globe is rapidly revolutionizing with technological advancements taking place at a fast pace, and Pakistan is not staying behind in this development. In recent times, Pakistan has seen a major shift from traditional financial services to digitalized financial platforms, with new fintech startups budding and flourishing every year, paving a path for more innovative ideas in this niche to follow in the future.

Whether you are an enterpriser seeking inspiration for launching your own fintech startup in the coming years, or a business looking to benefit from the fintech industry’s lucrative features, you have landed at the right place – also applies to anyone who simply wants to make their financial matters easier to deal with and shift to digital channels from conventional mediums. Read on to explore the top 5 fintech startups founded in Pakistan over the past 5 years:


Launched in June 2020, Bazaar is a digital operating system for traditional retail in Pakistan, offering four core digital products that empower merchants to simplify and grow their business. Their digital products include:

- B2B E-commerce Marketplace

where merchants can purchase thousands of products for their store with instant delivery service.

- Digital Lending

to help merchants keep their working capital cycle running smoothly, by offering them quick and easy access to cash

- Book Keeping

platform for merchants to keep an accurate track record of all their transactions and cash flow

- Digitized Supply Chain

which is user-centric and mobility-focused, helping merchants deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time.


Founded in 2018, SadaPay is a virtual, branchless banking platform that aims to make banking facilities easier to access simpler to use. The most appealing feature of this fintech facility is its no-fee policy on all of its products & services, which include:

- Mastercard debit card:

a free of cost physical card, with no annual fee or minimum deposit, also allowing you free cash withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan thrice a month. The SadaPay Mastercard is accepted at 30 million merchants around the world, online and in-stores, enabling you to shop globally. The physical card can also be controlled from within the app, virtually. To keep security concerns at bay, the card is designed to be ‘numberless’.

- Digital Wallet:

an app that makes money management easier and faster. It requires a simple registration process to sign up, without any paper work. The digital wallet can be used for international transfers across 45 countries, and is safeguarded against cybersecurity threats by the latest technologies.


Launched in 2021, ABHI is a financial wellness company that economically empowers businesses and employees, providing Earned Wage Access, Invoice Factoring, and Payroll Solutions for the first time in Pakistan.

- Earned Wage Access (EWA):

allows employees to access their earned income throughout the month, before payday, against a fixed transaction fee. The facility can be availed on ABHI’s app and aims to financially empower employees in case of emergencies, while also building a positive image of the organization.

- Invoice Factoring:

a financial wellness service that businesses can utilize to borrow capital against their future cash flows, allowing them to optimize their operations.

- Payroll Solutions:

enable employers to run their payroll on demand to any bank account or wallet in the country and have a dedicated platform to manage their employee’s salaries without any hassle.


An omni-channel payment solution for businesses founded in 2020, enabling e-commerce stores to receive payments swiftly and securely. The fintech startup offers two broad categories of services:

- PostEx.COD:

instant and upfront payments for e-commerce stores offering COD, alongside free of charge delivery service.

- Paid:

a secure gateway for e-commerce platforms in Pakistan to accept online payments from all across the globe via multiple payment methods.


QisstPay was founded in 2021 as Pakistan’s first ever Buy Now, Pay Later service, aiming to empower more individuals with buying capacity and reduce their financial constraints. Recently, the fintech firm has launched an embedded commerce platform called ‘1-Click Checkout’ with the aim to help e-commerce stores expand their online business by significantly boosting their sales. QisstPay’s products offer benefits to both businesses and consumers:

- Buy Now, Pay Later:

easy installment plans to Pay-in-4 or Pay-in-6 monthly installments with no interest or service charges.

- 1-Click Checkout:

a complete payment and checkout gateway, equipping e-commerce platforms with top-notch security and multiple Alternative Payment Methods at checkout, to offer their users a frictionless checkout experience with auto-filled information.

If you have made it to the end of this article, you know enough to make the right financial decisions now and switch to the fintech platforms that can help your e-commerce business grow, aid your organization’s financial management, or simply make your day-to-day money matters smoother as an individual!  

Book a demo to learn more about the benefits of QisstPay’s products for your e-commerce platform now!

Shamim Yousfani

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